Rosacea Treatment

RosacEase is an effective treatment for rosacea, a chronic dermatitis of the face. It was developed by Dr. Bacheff MD, the founder of Apimell Dr.Bacheff Ltd. Apimell Dr. Bacheff Ltd is a Macedonian pharmaceutical company specializing in manufacture of all natural products made of propolis and essential oils.

Our team is committed to a continuous research and quality improvement in the treatment of many skin diseases, especially of rosacea, a chronic disorder of unknown etiology that affects the central face and neck.

Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea is characterized by two clinical components: a vascular change consisting of intermittent or persistent erythema (facial redness) and flushing and an acneiform eruption with papules, pustules, cysts (acne rosacea) and sebaceous hyperplasia

Natural Treatment

Our solution for rosacea is RosacEase, a simple and effective cream without corticosteroids, no preservatives and no artificial scents. Patients who have used RosacEase had positive and visible results after only one week of use. Visit our effects page to see the results of RosacEase treatment.

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RosacEase is a natural treatment for rosacea, developed by Dr. Bacheff, a dermatologist with +30 years of experience.
He is the creator of top-quality bee products sold in pharmacies all across the Balkans and recommended by doctors.
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